I have always been passionate about reading, mythology and ancient civilizations. Hence the choice of my pseudo “Seshat“, an Egyptian deity symbolizing writing, knowledge and wisdom (see the article “Who is Seshat?”).

From a professional point of view, I followed a scientific career. After obtaining a doctorate in Pharmacy and a diploma in Industrial and Biomedical Pharmacy, I worked in the industrial sector within various companies.

It all started a few years ago. I was saddened to see the rise of our society, which is very materialistic and disrespectful of our environment. Paradoxically, I observed that more and more people, like me, were interested in a paradigm shift and a reconnection with nature and with humans. That’s when I discovered an exciting book called “The Eighth Habit” (Stephen Covey). So I began to delve into the subject.

Towards the age of wisdom?

Some visionaries, like Peter Drucker or Stephen Covey, believe that the 21st century will become the age of wisdom. Indeed, if we look at the historical context, we could describe the five ages of civilization as follows: first the “hunter-gatherer” age; then the farmer’s age; then the industrial age; now the information and knowledge age; and finally… the age of wisdom!

I share their optimistic vision based on the development of human capital and the knowledge economy that will lead us to the path of wisdom.

Why the creation of Seshat Library?

The creation of this site starts from the observation that we are certainly thousands of people to question ourselves on our place as a human being in the universe. I am convinced that we are all driven by a deep desire to live a life in which we feel we have truly contributed. We are all somewhere “in search of meaning“. And it would seem that since the earliest times, we can find “signs”, via myths, symbols, texts, representations in all forms, that guide us to answer this questioning.

Through my many readings and experiences, I became aware that there was a common thread. I observed that very recent new knowledge (neuroscience, quantum physics, biomimicry, etc.) echoed much older knowledge (Greek philosophers, alchemical texts, myths and legends, etc.). So I started to collect all these inspirations to put together the pieces of this huge puzzle. First on notebooks. Then the idea of creating a website came to me, so that I could share all these thoughts with as many people as possible.

To this end, I wanted to take up the principle of the libraries of antiquity, such as the Library of Alexandria, or the “Houses of Wisdom“. That is to say to create a place of collection of knowledge, involving very diversified disciplines and sources of inspiration (sciences, art, observation of nature, etc). But also a place of exchanges and debates, and a place of formation to transmit a heritage. A place that allows us to progress towards wisdom.

The purpose of Seshat Library

The objective of this site is to create a friendly place of knowledge sharing that allows:

    • to collect documented information on subjects such as mythology, symbolism, philosophy, biomimicry (…) through my articles and newsletters
    • to exchange and progress on these various subjects via the comments that you will post for each of my articles
    • to share our reflections via a “collective intelligence” platform to pool and develop a synergy of our knowledge
    • to bring training tools and practical exercises because “learn and not to do is not to learn”!

The purpose of this site is therefore to try to “make more visible the invisible” by trying to have a better reading of the mysteries of life, and to sow some “seeds of inspiration” (texts, observations, quotations, etc.) which will be able to make us progress on the way of knowledge and wisdom.

This site is aimed at anyone who wishes to develop knowledge of the “microcosm” and the “macrocosm”, whatever their culture or religion. This site is meant to be a place of benevolence and tolerance, and I count on all readers to respect everyone’s ideas and comments.

So if you are passionate like me about the mysteries and secrets of the universe that govern the arts, nature and sciences, and if you wish to approach this subject seriously without slipping into “pseudo-esoteric” or “New-age” interpretations, then I hope that the “Seshat Library” site will meet your expectations!

Thank you for all the support you can give me on a daily basis to enrich this site.